Thank You to the Academy

The critics rant on and on about how Green Book was a ‘bad call’, resentment  as thick as hair on a dog’s back.   Yet word from those who’ve done their homework is how Donald Shirley himself told writer Nick Vallelonga to write it from his and his fathers perspective.   The actors, producers, directors,…


In October 2015, a young man from a well-to-do English family hitchhiked from London to LA without any money. Six months later his body was found on the West Coast with his fingers wrapped around the worn plastic casing of his phone by a man and his dog on their morning run. Shortly after, my…

My Cardiff City Guide

Until this year, I had never set foot in Cardiff, but after moving here to attend University it feels like a second home. These are my favourite spots in the city, from a pop-up rooftop cinema to an arcade game bar.

A New Old Friend

“Good morning, Mr. Sikowitz” “Morning Karen, how are you?” “Well I could really use a massage right now, but I settled for a sixteen hour shift instead, but enough about me, what can I do for you today?” “Last night after dinner, I had a rapid heart rate and I was really thirsty, both of…

Ceramist: Becca Koehler

An interview with Becca Koehler, a ceramist based in Nashville. Her work experiments with colour, lines, pattern, movement and symbolism. Creating bold, beautiful and unique pieces.

Frida Kahlo: I Paint My Own Reality

A review of the Hungarian National Gallery’s Frida Kahlo’s exhibition, a women who proved that no obstacle is insurmountable, gender does not define how big a person can dream and that beauty manifests itself in all shapes, colours and ages.

A Safe Place to Play

ACT I, SCENE 1: The Reading National Laboratory is ten-story building, a third of which is below ground to reduce its visible mass, topped with a triple-height curved aluminium roof to hide the substantial plant. On the third floor is a perfectly symmetrical classroom furnished with white tiles, white walls, and a whiteboard directly in…

My Budapest City Guide

Whether you are heading to Budapest yourself soon or just looking for some travel inspiration, here are my favourite sights, restaurants and activities.

Illustrator: Josie Sommer

An interview with Josie Sommer, an illustrator based in London. Her work draws on literature, music and art history. Focusing on quirky, awkward, yet endearing characters.

The Song of Our Home

My name is Mocha, but you don’t know me by that name. In fact, almost everything you know about me is false. It’s true that I sunk his ship, but if you were threatened with a harpoon I think you would’ve responded aggressively too. Even so, I didn’t kill him. Although, many people think that…