The Song of Our Home

My name is Mocha, but you don’t know me by that name. In fact, almost everything you know about me is false. It’s true that I sunk his ship, but if you were threatened with a harpoon I think you would’ve responded aggressively too. Even so, I didn’t kill him. Although, many people think that I did. One man named Ishmael claims that he saw me pull him down into the depths of the ocean. However, that had nothing to do with me. He managed that all by himself.

I live in a world of water, and sound. My family and I use the song of our home to do everything: navigate, feed, talk, dance, and sing. Although, recently it’s hard to hear from the noise pollution created by the oil drill nearby. It was that insidious sound that woke me one dull morning. The days are often dull now. My home used to be the picture of tranquility. I’d spend hours watching the rays of sunlight dance on my rooftop. However, in recent years it’s become toxic.

I awoke with a grave hunger. In the past few weeks the oil had begun to infect our prey, – fish and squid – and so I decided to venture a little further out. Before I began my hunt, I came up for some air and accidentally sucked in some of the oil slip. I started to feel a little drowsy, but I pushed on to find a good hunt and keep myself healthy. Finally, I saw what I thought was a seal and slowly approached for my attack. Although, as soon as I bite down I realised my eyes had mistaken me. I was immediately enveloped in a warm red blanket and struggled to regain focus. Then I saw it. A mangled human leg floating in front of me and a man on a boat called Pequod above the surface screaming for help.

That’s where it all began, with a simple mistake, but to the man on the boat – who I now know as Captain Ahab – it was an act of malice. The actions of his kind endangered my home, livelihood, and loved ones, which ironically no one talks about. However, one man out of billions loses his leg, and I’m the villain. That is why you’ve been told I’m the largest creature on Earth, which is flattering, but also false. That is why you’ve been told my kind are dangerous. That is why you know me as Moby Dick.

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