Ceramist: Becca Koehler

Becca Koehler is a ceramist based in Nashville. After 10 years of designing for major dinnerware retailers worldwide, she now makes hand-painted ceramics and has appeared in large retail markets including Bed Bath & Beyond, Pier 1, and Home Goods.

What was your first commissioned piece?

For the first 10 years of my career, I worked as a housewares designer. It was a job that involved creating under the direction of art directors, buyers, and popular trends. When I began my career as a ceramic artist, I was happy to listen to my own voice instead of the direction of others. For this reason, I take very few commissions and they are not an important part of my workflow.


How do you learn about new techniques and tools?

I belong to an artist co-op at The Clay Lady in Nashville. There are about 50 artists on campus, and someone is always generous enough to answer my questions. Mid-South Ceramics is a ceramics supply store on campus where I can discover all the latest and greatest tools.

Which is the piece you’re most proud of?

Each piece is a manifestation of my journey, therefore I couldn’t choose between them, and so I’m proud of all of my ceramic art!


How do you overcome a creative block? 

If I’m burnt out, I like to get outside and be in nature. If I’m well rested, I get into the studio and force myself to make something simple because I find that creating leads to creativity.

What’s your most personal drawing to date?

Anything with snakes. I find them enchanting, and they encompass everything I love about art: colour, line, pattern, movement and symbolism.


To see more of Becca’s work visit her Etsy shop, website and Instagram.

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