Ceramist: Becca Koehler

Becca Koehler is a ceramist based in Nashville. Her work experiments with colour, lines, pattern, movement and symbolism. Creating bold, beautiful and unique pieces.

What was your first commissioned piece?

For the first 10 years of my career, I worked as a housewares designer. It was a job that involved creating under the direction of art directors, buyers, and popular trends. When I began my career as a ceramic artist, I was happy to listen to my own voice instead of the direction of others. For this reason, I take very few commissions and they are not an important part of my workflow.


How do you learn about new techniques and tools?

I belong to an artist co-op at The Clay Lady in Nashville. There are about 50 artists on campus, and someone is always generous enough to answer my questions. Mid-South Ceramics is a ceramics supply store on campus where I can discover all the latest and greatest tools.

Which is the piece you’re most proud of?

Each piece is a manifestation of my journey, therefore I couldn’t choose between them, and so I’m proud of all of my ceramic art!


How do you overcome a creative block? 

If I’m burnt out, I like to get outside and be in nature. If I’m well rested, I get into the studio and force myself to make something simple because I find that creating leads to creativity.

What’s your most personal drawing to date?

Anything with snakes. I find them enchanting, and they encompass everything I love about art: colour, line, pattern, movement and symbolism.


To see more of Becca’s work visit her Etsy shop, website and Instagram.

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