My Cardiff City Guide

Until this year, I had never set foot in Cardiff, but after moving here to attend University it feels like a second home. These are my favourite spots in the city, from a pop-up rooftop cinema to an arcade game bar.

Chapter Arts Centre

First up is Chapter, an independent arts centre that displays international art, plays and films; not to mention it has a lovely little cafe to linger over.

ACS_0024 2

Brodies Coffee Co.

Next is Brodies, a charming outdoor cafe in Gorsedd Gardens, perfect for a quick bite to eat (vegetarian and vegan friendly!) and a quality cup of coffee.


Flamingos Vintage

Flamingos vintage is a weigh and play kilo store that offers accessible, sustainable and stylish clothing. My favourite part is the gallery and workshop space towards the back, which features thought-provoking work from local artists.



Troutmark is a quaint bookstore in the midst of the beautiful Castle Arcades, inside you can find a colourful cavern of secondhand books, magazines and comics in great condition for an even greater price.



Kongs is an old arcade game bar, the food and drink is quite pricey, but it’s fun for a few games of PAC Man.

ACS_0022 2

National Museum

Cardiff’s national museum is the perfect place to spend the day browsing, the impressionists and modern art gallery in particular, has a beautiful Monet collection.


Lost Lands Rooftop Cinema

Finally is Lost Lands rooftop cinema, a pop-up open air cinema, held on the top of Jacobs Antique Market. The screenings offer a unique vantage point to enjoy the view, watch a film and savor a few cocktails and some delicous street food.



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