The Song Of Our Home

My name is Mocha, but you don’t know me by that name. In fact, almost everything you know about me is false. It’s true that I sunk his ship, but if you were threatened with a harpoon I think you would’ve responded aggressively too. Even so, I didn’t kill him. Although, many people think that I did. One man named… Continue reading The Song Of Our Home

A Safe Place To Play

ACT I, SCENE 1: The Reading National Laboratory is ten-story building, a third of which is below ground to reduce its visible mass, topped with a triple-height curved aluminium roof to hide the substantial plant. On the third floor is a perfectly symmetrical classroom furnished with white tiles, white walls, and a whiteboard directly in… Continue reading A Safe Place To Play

The Bowie Experience

David Bowie may no longer be with us, but his legacy lives on through the Bowie Experience, a breathtaking concert featuring all of Bowie’s greatest hits from Space Oddity to Black Star. Laurence Knight’s tribute act started back in 1997 at the end of his college music course. Today he is touring the entirety of… Continue reading The Bowie Experience